Regenerative Mechanisms and Therapeutic Interventions IUPUI September 16-17, 2016

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Day 1 (Campus Center Theater - Downstairs)

9:30-10:20 Registration

10:00 Snacks and Coffee

Welcome and Remembrance of Takis Tsonis : Teri Belecky-Adams

10:30 Opening Remarks: David Broecker (Indiana Biosciences Research Institute)

Session I: Mechanisms of Regeneration

Stem Cells

    10:45 Keynote: Merv Yoder (IUSM) Progenitor cells for vascular regeneration
    11:20 Teresa Mastracci (IBRI) Polyamine and hypusine biosynthesis is required for pancreatic beta cell formation and regeneration
    11:40 Karl Koehler (IUSM) Inner ear organoids and sensorineural circuit regeneration​
    12:00 Jason Meyer (IUPUI) Human pluripotent stem cell-derived retinal organoids and their application for the study of optic neuropathies

12:20 Lunch

Pre-Existing Differentiated Cells (De-differentiation)/Transdifferentiation

    1:30 Keynote: David Hyde (Notre Dame) Stimulating Muller glia dedifferentiation and proliferation to regenerate the damaged adult zebrafish retina
    2:05 Ryan Thummel (Wayne State U. School of Med.) Coordinating Reactive Gliosis and Regeneration Following Damage to the Adult Zebrafish Retina
    2:25 Guoli Dai (IUPUI) Hepatocyte differentiation and dedifferentiation
    2:45 Ryan Anderson (IUSM) Functional feedback from the pancreatic islet regulates its development and regeneration

3:05-4:55 Coffee Break and Poster Session

Regeneration of Cellular Appendages

    5:00 Ben Perrin (IUPUI) Actin regulation in stereocilia length regeneration
    5:35 Nick Berbari (IUPUI) Mutation of Growth Arrest Specific 8 Reveals Conserved Roles for Motile Cilia Function

6:30 Dinner

Jazz Fest/Irish Fest!

Day 2 -Hine Hall Auditorium

(Across the Street from the Campus Center)

7:00AM Breakfast

8:00AM Welcome Remarks: Dean Simon Rhodes (IUPUI)

Session II: Strategies of Regenerative Medicine

Induction of Regeneration

    8:15 Keynote: Gary Krishnan (Eli Lilly) Immune Surveillance and Satellite Stem Cell activation in Muscle Regeneration
    8:50 Jim Marrs (IUPUI) Small molecule Wnt signaling agonist rescues retina stem cell activity after embryonic ethanol exposure induced defects
    9:10 Steve Trippel (IUSM) Growth Factor-Induced Articular Cartilage Repair
    9:30 Agustin Madrigal (Miami University) Re-patterning of histone modifications and DNA methylation during RPE reprogramming towards retina regeneration

Immune System and Scarring Response

    9:50 Keynote: Jennifer Simkin (U. Kentucky) Inflammation: Setting the stage for tissue regeneration in mammals
    10:25 Teri Belecky-Adams (IUPUI) Retinal gliosis triggered by BMP7 is mediated through the innate immune cells
    10:45 Ellen Chernoff (IUPUI) Osteoclast-like multinucleated giant cells, meningeal fibrosis and axolotl spinal cord regeneration

11:05 Coffee Break

Bioartificial Tissues/Scaffolds

    11:25 Keynote: Mike Hiles (Cook Biotech) Cells, Scaffolds, and Signals in Regenerative Design for Tissue Repair
    12:00 Derek Milner (U. Illinois) Scaffolds for Long Bone Repair: From Frogs to Pigs and Hopefully Beyond
    12:20 Bing Bing Li (Central Mich. U.) Hierarchically Structured Biomaterials: New Design Concepts

12:45 Closing Remarks

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